Micronesian Girl~ Spiral Braid Updo

"Senco" or Spiral Braid Updo

This has to be Micronesian girls' most popular braided updo!  One of my Micronesian friends braided her friend's hair in this complicated hairstyle while I tried to take pictures of the steps. I uploaded the pictures to a thread on the Mane Forum at the Long Hair Community.  So far my thread on the LHC has had over 40,000 views!

Here are pictures of the steps to the "senco" or spiral braid.  You can see it starts out as a very thin lace braid.  The girl braiding starts the braid in the middle of her friend's head, then continues adding hair to one side while guiding the braid in a spiral direction, around and around until all the hair is added. Then she tucks the end of the braid among the layers so they don't show. Ta-da!

So very beautiful!  I wish I could figure out how to do this on my own hair.  I have trouble braiding all the way around and switching directions.  Some ladies who looked at my post on the LHC were able to do this on their own hair, and posted pictures.  They are amazing!
As always, thank you for looking!  Keep in touch, and if you are able to do this let me know! 

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