Chain Braids Updo

I learned how to do this technique from the internet~ I believe some people call it a "snake" braid but I prefer "chain" braid. Personal preference, I guess...

To make a chain braid, you first make an English braid. Make sure it's not too loose, but not too tight either. Then when you reach the end, hold the center piece firmly with two fingers, and with your other hand push the two outer sections back up the braid all the way to the top. Then you slowly pull them back down the center strand until the links in your chain are arranged the way you like. In these pictures, I first made a French braid headband. Then I put my hair into two ponytails, one on top of the other. I made several chain braids with the hair from each ponytail. I folded the braids up and under, and wrapped the ends into a bun that covered the top ponytail. I clipped in in place with a hairclip and was ready to go!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Wimsey~ he is sooo cute :-)
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