Figure 8 Braided Buns~ my look for today

Well...actually my look for yesterday...but I'm only getting around to posting the pictures today.

Yesterday I tried to do the figure 8 braided buns~ first I pinned the top part of my hair to add volume, then I put the lower part into two ponytails. I braided the hair in my two ponytails, and wrapped the first one up into a braided bun but left the last foot of hair out of the bun. I made the next braided bun and did the same thing. Then I took the left-over braid from one side and wrapped it around the opposite bun, and visa versa. That was as close as I could come to imitating a look I've seen in pictures on the internet of the figure 8 braided buns.

Here are my pictures:

Thank you for looking! I hope you have a good day, wherever in the world you are. It's so much fun to share pictures with friends like you.

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