Women and Tattoo Fashions

With so many coupons out there, did you ever think that there could be some for tattoo shops? Now that tattoos are becoming so popular with women, there is no reason why you wouldn't start seeing such situations. Even though fifty years ago women were only ten percent of the tattooed population, tattoos are now becoming increasingly popular among women. Even looking back just into the 1980's, women were viewed as trashy if they had tattoos so very few had art tattooed onto their skin.

But now tattoos on women are increasingly popular. In fact, women make up sixty five percent of the tattoos that are being placed. It is said that one in four women have a tattoo and that number will probably grow with time. Since there are many places a woman can have a tattoo and be able to hide it when wanted, there is no reason to suspect that the number of women getting tattoos will do anything but grow.

The Placement of the Tattoo

It is the placement of the tattoo that is often times considered to be more important then the actual image being tattooed on the skin. The stomach and the back are very popular places on women for tattoos as they are easily hidden and able to be shown when desired through the help of different kinds of shirts and bathing suits. Ankles and on the front of the hips are two other places that are very popular for tattoo placement on women.

The Designs

Many years back, the few women who would get tattoos were known for getting only small flowers, a name, or some other small cute tattoo that was very feminine looking. Now though, with so many tattoo options out there and women becoming more comfortable in their skin, the designs of the tattoos have grown widely.

Unicorns, butterflies, fairies, shooting stars, tribal and Celtic designs are extremely popular. Even though you may see many women with a butterfly tattoo, there is a good chance that each of the tattoos is slightly different. This is because women tend to be more in tune with want they want and how what they get will make them feel. Also, women are more patient and willing to wait to come up with a custom design so that they are not walking around with the same exact tattoo that millions of other women have. Everyone having the same style is not something that many women enjoy.

This probably comes from the fact that many of the same women hate seeing another wearing the same outfit, shoes, or even carrying the same purse. Women want the latest in fashion and they want their style to be a little different then others and they want it to be better. This attitude has apparently carried over in the world of tattoos. While some may consider this to be a picky woman, this is going to be a woman who will not regret her tattoo choice and design as a lot of thought and feeling was put into it.

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