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Today my post is about spikes as they became the hottest thing in today's fashion world. So, do you like them and would you wear them? Let's review some designers art pieces that I put together in this post.

Christian Louboutin  - the kings of design. Shoes above and boots below are from his 20-years celebration exhibition in London (2012)

                                        Another pair of fabulicious shoes from Christian Louboutin 

He also designs spiked bags

Paris Hilton carries this purse perfectly

Spikes by one of my favorite designers, Brian Atwood

                                                           Danish designer Barbara Gongini
                                                           These spikes look a little fake to me:-)
                                                            It is a "big NO" for me. Sorry Barbara:-)

                     Jellyfish - the most unique panted shoes brand, came out with their version of spiky shoes

Ruthie Davis' shoes & hand­bags have been spot­ted on some of the biggest celebs—any­one from Fer­gie to Be­y­once to Nicole Scherzinger

                          Ruthie-Davis-Nude-Pumps. In my opinion - the most dangerous:-)

Of course, Jeffrey Campbell 
(found this picture on someone's blog. Sorry, but your picture is fabulous, had to steal it. LOL)

And how we could live without spike phone covers?????

Despite the fact of uniqueness and fabuliciousness of spike design and tremendous desire to own a pair of my own, one question comes to my mind: DO THEY HURT???????:-))))))))
What are your thoughts on this subject? 
                                                     Do you like and would you wear spikes?
                        Waiting for your comments and feedbacks and open for conversation.

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