Megan Fox Sexy Style

Today we Show u Megan Fox Style Get her look: After applying mousse to towel-dried hair, blow-dry using a round brush. Curl small sections with a 1-inch curl iron and pin them up with bobby pins for 10 notes until cool. Remove the pins and brush hair to get soft, cascading waves.

In a recent interview given to a LA newspaper, the t-shirt and jeans-loving Transformers star says "I don't follow fashion. I'm not that girl. I need people to style me because I'm pretty clueless about it and I don't care."

The next crucial element to her transformation as sexy siren is developing a pose. Fox is known for the half smile, eyes wide, mouth open stare. It sounds silly but this facial expression is all we see her do! Its hot, sure, but does this girl ever close her mouth!

Megan Fox is a taurus so she loves to be comfortable on her days off camera and away from work. Basic fashion essentials like floral bags, natural cotton tank tops and relaxed fit jeans are style staples for this Taurean. She's got a style all her own: loads of leather, piles of denim and a grab bag mix of shoes. Sometimes she enjoys settling into sweats and flip flops, but this girl has her own ideas about Fashion. Doesn't hurt she's about a gazillion times more gorgeous that most in sweats anyway!

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