Hello beauties! 
Last weekend me and my favorite photographer:-) took a lovely trip to Atlantic City. We had a fabulous time, the weather was great and here are some pictures from out mini-vacation.

The Atlantic Mall has areas with real sand and beach chairs right near windows, so you feel like you are seating on a beach.

                                                               Glass walls everywhere.

Me, posing as usual:-) I am wearing: Bebe jeans, DKNY military top and laundry flats.

Drinking in Trump casino:-) . I wish I won some money there:-)

Glass tile floor in the Trump casino- love it:-)

                         This amazing hanging structure is 3 floor high and located in the Atlantic mall.

Some bling from cell phone shop

Some beautiful people getting married on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Very romantic...

                                                     My new star fish statement ring:-)

Another ring:-)

Of course, the ring with a doxie:-)

Love these 2 new bracelets

Cute lamp from our hotel room.

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed my post.
Have a fantastical week,

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