Short Ponytail for Long Hair

Hey everybody,

Thank you so much for helping us reach 50,000 page views!!  How exciting!  I appreciate everyone who subscribes, views, and comments~ how fun to get to share all these braids and hairstyles with you.

Here are some pictures of a new favorite look~ I call it a short ponytail for long hair.  First I combed my hair back smooth and put it into a low ponytail.  I wrapped the top section of my ponytail around my fingers into one big loop, and held this first loop in place with a hairclip.  Then I made a second loop and clipped it in place on the right.  I took the remaining section of hair and pulled it up and over and formed a third loop on the left.  I held this last loop in place with another hairclip and was good to go!  The best part about this look~ it lasts all day long and it really frames your face from the front.

Short Ponytail for Long Hair


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