Braided Figure 8 buns~ another Taekwondo hairstyle

Hello everybody,

Yesterday was the Taekwondo competition for our students~ everybody had a fun time!

That morning I had braided my hair in random English braids, from the top of my head near my bangs to about the level behind my ears. I divided the braids and my remaining unbraided hair into two low pig-tails. Then I braided the extra hair in the first ponytail into one English braid, and the three braids into another English braid. I did the same for the second ponytail (although this ponytail had four braids, so I added one of the smaller braids to my single English braid).

In each ponytail, I wrapped one of the braids up into a bun. Then I took the extra braid from one side and wrapped it around the two buns in a figure-8 fashion. I took the extra braid from the other side and did the same thing. 

A little funky, but a fun recreation hairstyle :-)

(I'm wearing the Taekwondo Peace Corps shirt that my friend from Korea gave me. Wimsey got in on the hair pictures, as you can see.)

Thanks for viewing our post!

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