Waterfall Braided Updo~ my Christmas Day hairstyle


Merry Christmas!

We had such a great Christmas Day, celebrating with friends and family. I hope your day was as special and memorable as mine was~ and full of good food, too!

I had a new Christmas dress (picture below) and wanted to fix my hair in a style that would match. So I tried a waterfall braid with a braided bun. Following the steps that I learned from Lilith Moon's video, I made a waterfall braid but zig-zagged it from one side of my head to the other, and then back again. In a waterfall braid you leave one of the main pieces out of your braid. I would add these left-over sections of hair into the lower levels of the braid. I hope this makes sense! Doing this created a basket-weave effect~ here are some pictures so you can hopefully see what I mean:






How did I keep all the sections straight, you ask? I used the double-mirror trick~ our bathroom has a mirror over the sink and a mirror on the front of the door, so I can stand in front of one and see the back of my head in the other. Very handy, no pun intended. :-)

Thanks so much for looking! I hope the rest of your Christmas week is filled with fun times and new, good memories for years to come.

2013 is almost here!

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