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Having been a HUGE Harry Potter fan since the end of time I am basically in love with all of the cast especially Emma Watson who since leaving the series last year has stepped into the fashion industry and modelled for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Comso, Burberry, Chanel and loads more.....

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I feel she is a great role model and is a breath of fresh air when it comes to fashion. I write alot about image throughout the blog and I feel strongly about how health is portrayed. I think Emma is a fantastic example of a person who relates well to all impressionable people especially young girls.

She is now in the public eye so much I have collected a few of my favourite images together from her work in the fashion industry!

emma watson model

Hollywood highest paid female star Emma Watson knows a things or two about fashion. She’s the style icon of many including me

emma watson model

Emma Watson was discovered at a young age thanks to Harry Potter movies. She litteraly grew up in front of our eyes! Emma Watson transformed into a classy, fashionable young woman. Emma's fashion style can be described as stylish, elegant and timeless. Even when she grows older she will be happy to look back at her outfits as they are timeless, suitable for any age and the color choices are beautiful and simple.

emma watson model

Emma Watson is wise beyond her years…when it comes to fashion (she’s book smart too though). Emma knows that sometimes the best outfits are the simplest to put together. This look is so basic, but it works so well. We said we wanted to steal this look and we meant it!  you like?

Emma Watson in Rafael Lopez outside the The Renaissance St Pancras Hotel for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 photocall, in London

Emma Watson stuns in black lace dress at Harry Potter premiere


Emma Watson on the set of her new LancĂ´me advert.

Emma Watson in a custom-made gown by Calvin Klein Collection

Emma Watson works her black magic in New York
Actress continued her 'tour of sophistication' as she donned a custom-made Calvin Klein dress for New York premiere.

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